Sarai P.

“I am older (41F), have an arthritic knee, and was EXTREMELY out of shape after being sedentary to the point of being comatose during the pandemic. Training with Savannah for the past 5 months has exceeded expectations, making measurable weekly progress and improving other aspects of my life (mood, sleep quality, general energy levels, interest in other activities, socialization).
I have anxiety and am not neurotypical, so a traditional chain gym environment and approach would NOT work for me. Thankfully, Savannah has been a perfect match for numerous reasons, including: – Great attitude (positive without being annoyingly perky, good sense of empathy and humor) – Extremely knowledgeable (highly educated and not parroting back gym tropes, this is important as I can’t stand bull**** or pseudoscience) – Encourages you to work both smart AND hard (very thoughtful in her program, planning, modifications and progress).
Facilities are extremely clean, well-laid out (so even if at capacity, it does not feel stressful or gross), and other members are respectful and supportive I highly recommend both the space and the services, which as someone who is cranky and loves to complain, says a lot!”

Felipe G.

“Thomas, the progress has been great! Thank you for helping me take it to the next level. I’ve never been this big and this lean. My chest and legs have visibly improved, which is exactly what I came in asking. Thank you for all of the dedicated, spot-on, flexible guidance.
I love how obsessed you are with having perfect form, you’re clearly knowledgeable and passionate, your plans are always hyper-personalized, and you *always make it work for my lifestyle*. Can’t wait for more years of cutting, bulking, and consistent growth with you. Thanks for everything, man! I really appreciate you!”

Kevin K.

“Savannah has made training so fun and consequently effective. I am excited to go to every session which has increased my commitment and results. The vibe at The Bar PHL is so good – approachable, focused on education, tailored to my needs. It’s the first training I’ve done where my consultation actually yielded real goals that I see addressed every session.”

Kelsey F.

“10/10 gym, owners, & vibes”

Anonymous Google Review

“The Bar is a cozy, friendly, and welcoming gym. Everyone is very accepting and encouraging.”

Tepra C.

“Great spot! Quality equipment. Everything you need to get strong!”

Anonymous Google Review

“I trained with Savannah (one of the owners) she’s awesome. Very Knowledgable and she’s super fun to work with. She kills me every workout. Highly recommend doing personal training with her or Tom.”

Dom V.

“I LOVE this gym. My partner and I go multiple times a week to get trained by Tom. He has helped us improve our fitness and nutrition so much. I feel so much stronger and so much more motivated every time I go. It’s also a pleasure to talk to Tom and Savannah while we are there. It’s a friendly, clean, and professional environment. Couldn’t recommend this gym enough! 10/10”

Juliana S.

“Clean, organized and all the essential equipment. Perfect for training 1:1.”

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