Welcome to The Bar PHL! While we are mainly a personal training studio, we also pride ourselves on being a private gym. Our members appreciate the family style, safe space that we have created. Going to a busy gym can be overwhelming, but at The Bar PHL we limit the amount of members to 5 people every hour and a half, so we can ensure that you have a great workout and never have to wait for equipment. There are plenty of time slots available, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! Pop in during our hours of operation or shoot us an email at

Welcome to the fam!

A membership at The Bar Philadelphia allows you to use our facility as a normal gym membership.
We also have an array of Personal Trainers, if you ever wish to buy a session in addition to using the gym.
Clients of personal trainers who only use the gym to train with their PT do not need to buy a membership as well.



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